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Foot Masques for Pedicures

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Product Description

Foot masques for pedicures to rejuvenate and condition feet.

CND SpaPedicure Earth Moisture Masque 16.6 oz.
CND SpaPedicure Earth Moisture Masque in 16.6 oz. size. A foot masque that's a real treat for feet to use during pedicures. Made with volcanic clay and added hydrating vitamins including panthenol, minerals and evening primrose oil to moisturize feet and to protect skin from free radicals.
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CND SpaPedicure Marine Masque
CND SpaPedicure Marine Masque available in 21 oz. size.
Provides a "facial-like" treatment for the feet by moisturizing, cooling and rejuvenating feet with its hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay, soothing botanicals, natural menthol and Panthenol.
Helps calm inflamed and irritated feet and leaves feet feeling refreshed long after the pedicure is complete.
Provides the aroma-therapeutic benefits of natural Spearmint Oil.
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